Our Story

  A good start will always lead to prosperous ends. With hope, insistence, strong

  will and solid efforts, the final destination will be full of success and

   achievements. Whenever the start is challenging, the success shall be

   outstanding. It goes without doubt that 1991 was the year of difficulties and

  eruption. At the beginning of 1991, events were erupting in the Gulf following

  the Iraqi Invasion to the State of Kuwait.  A state of maximum alert was declared

  in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to liberate Kuwait. Consequently, all business in

  the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia came to standing still as the situation was obscure

  and risky. However, under such expediting circumstances, friendship brought together two ambitious youth who don’t acknowledged impossible and who could foresight the opportunity even under the worst circumstances. Based on such spirit, they decided to incorporate major contracting company specialist in the field of Electrical Works and they started at the eastern region of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia due to its proximity to the sources of Oil in the Kingdom and its unique position among other gulf states.

The teamwork at that time was small but effective and had major experiences in the contracting fields. Based on well-informed management at the organization represented by Engineer Mohammed Ezzat, they grasped the meaning of belonging and dedication to realize success and innovation. At that time, the teamwork was no more than one Engineer, Mohammed Ezzat.

Following the end of the War, people have worked together to restore glamour to the Kingdom and to expedite the growth of business therein. The market took three years to recover its strength and might.

Al-Akeel Establishment was one of those who vehemently contributed in the business and took part in the installation of internal and external electric networks of banks, residential complexes and towers.

In 1994, the efforts of all staff were culminated with success, and thus, real estate and contracting market witnessed a boom. The name of the establishment was one of the most famous names in the Electrical Contracting market in eastern region. The establishment participated in several major projects, such as huge residential complex at Al Jubail Industrial Area of the Royal Authority.

In 1997, the establishment decided to enter constructional contracting field. The first of such projects was the construction of Holiday Inn Park and hotel at half moon coast Al Hukair Group.

In 1998, the partners decided to expand their business to Riyadh, the Capital of the Kingdom, where there were promising opportunities. Consequently, their first project completed by the establishment at Al Riyadh was Babtain Medical Tower, King Fahad Specialized Hospital. The establishment completed both the Electrical and Mechanical works at that project.

The business varied among electrical, mechanical and construction works. Teamwork was doubled and reached up to fifteen Engineers in different majors in addition to 120 technicians and foremen.

2001 was critical year in the process of both partners Saud Al-Akeel and Mohammed Ezzat as Foreign Investment Law was promulgated, whereby it has been agreed between Mr. Saud Al-Akeel and Eng. Mohammed Ezzat to culminate their efforts, which extended over 11 years, by incorporating Arabian Sunrise Contracting Company that started business in 2003.

The company started with Electromechanical Works to support and enhance Al-Akeel Contracting Establishment.

In 2010, there was technological boom in the field of telecommunications and Internet technology. Due to the fact that the company has always been interested in any project that may be beneficial for our Kingdom, partners decided to adopt this approach and they have established the most recent division of the company named Asit preforming L.C.S, safety and security in the field of information technology. In this regard, the company contributed as an investor in one of the important projects of the eastern region Emara, namely providing WiFi technology to Al Dammam and Al Khubar Cornache and Al Khubar and Al Dammam Express Road. Furthermore, they provided Riyadh Based King Khalid Airport with WiFi Service. The company also maintained, adapted and developed all points of such network. The most recent project of the company in this field is the development and design of Electronic Services Portal at Easter Region Secretariat.

Starting from 2010, the company has decided to give greater opportunity to the youth to benefit from their science, enthusiasm and to amalgamate them within the company, simply because we are endeavoring to create a new generation that brings together science, enthusiasm, belonging and experience, to join us through this journey of development we have already started.


Our departments



Engineering procurement and construction for supply, installation, termination, and commissioning for all LV and MV System



construction and Finishing of new buildings or structures & Renovation of Existing Buildings

IT Solutions

IT Solutions

We are Specialist in All Low current system,WI-fI coverage, Networks,Amana and all It System



All Fire Fighting, HVAC and Plumping System (Including Medical Gas) and Plumping and irrigaton



Al-Akeel Trading sell al kind of electrical materials and complementary services for electrical system